Marie Callender's

Backyard BBQ



In the restaurant marketplace, customers continue to want flexibility in the way they make their meal choice—whether it’s based on calories, variety, flavor or price. Marie Callender’s offers BBQ Combos that allow customers flexibility with a variety of entrée choices as well as variety of pricing options.

Marie Callender’s all new Backyard BBQ & Pie Combos start at just $9.99. Customers can choose any one of three classic BBQ entrées or build-your-own platter by choosing any two BBQ favorites like slow roasted, hand-carved Tri-Tip, grilled shrimp skewers, ribs and more plus two favorite sides.  All that…PLUS a FREE slice of Marie’s famous pie.

HEILBrice was proud to be given the opportunity to be a part of creating this incredible promotion that highlights a whole new way to enjoy the big, bold flavors of BBQ along with a delicious slice of Marie’s famous Pie!  The HB team along with the marketing team at Marie Callender’s developed and produced creative to feature this promotion. Advertising elements include broadcast television, direct mail ads, outdoor billboards and in-unit POP.