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David August is a very successful men’s clothing brand with a highly unusual target: Think the top one percent of the top one percent. The true superstars of business, sports and entertainment. DA clients range from Tony Bennett to The Chainsmokers; from Warren Buffett to DJ Khaled; from Tommy Lasorda to Chris Hemsworth and Bruce Springsteen to Steve Wynn.

Each is the master of his domain, the kind of guy who gets noticed when he enters the room. The essence of the David August brand is about having the confidence and power to own whatever room you might happen to walk into.

Nowhere is that confidence on bigger, bolder display than with UFC star Conor McGregor. DA created all the custom suits you’ve seen Conor wear since he turned professional and quickly became a global phenomenon. He was introduced by two other long standing clients, former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC President Dana White.

You may have heard about one of Conor’s suits in particular.  A suit designed specifically by David August Heil to create shock and awe during the publicity tour leading up to the McGregor/Mayweather fight. We’ll let the pictures spell it out for you.

The highest quality Italian fabrics were used to create this very unusual pinstripe. One that subtly, but very clearly communicated a message to Mayweather and to fans everywhere. The project was completed in complete secrecy.  Not even Conor knew about the suit until it was time to decide what to wear to the first press event.  “I wanted to do something irreverent that brought out the ‘notorious’ in Conor,” said David. (McGregor’s social handle is @thenotoriousmma).

Conor chose to go boldly.

We aggressively pushed the news out through all channels and within hours, DA had added over 20,000 new followers on Instagram alone. Within days, there had been billions of impressions worldwide and the announcement of a new clothing line collaboration between DA and Conor: August McGregor.

By the way, a number of clients asked for a suit like this of their own.  We’re waiting for reports on reactions.


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    Suit Details
  • david august conor mcgregor fuck you suit mayweather fight promotion details
    Jacket and Tie
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    Fabric Closeup
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  • david august conor mcgregor fuck you suit mayweather fight promotion details
  • david august conor mcgregor fuck you suit mayweather fight promotion closeup

David August has crafted the finest custom men’s wardrobes in the world since 1989. Led by Founder, Creative Director, and CEO David August Heil, the team provides high quality wardrobes for the leaders of business, sports and entertainment. Clients come to David August because they know that David will make them look better than they’ve ever looked in clothes before. They come because David August keeps them on the forward edge of fashion; that clothing from David August will never look dated, out-of-style or behind trend.

David August Heil forged the company’s position in the industry from his unparalleled, almost fanatical attention to detail. He is a Southern California native who has grown from a boy who insisted on ironing his t-shirts before school to a man of style regarded for his signature clean, modern, tailored lines and a commitment to unparalleled quality.  Their product is built of wool, cotton and leather, but their real deliverable is the confidence and power their clients feel when they wear David August.

Our work for the brand has included brand definition and style guides, traditional and digital advertising as well as social media management.


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  • david august logo refresh primary logo design
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Can a suit change a life?

Absolutely.  Just months before these pictures were taken, these three men were living on the Skid Row in Los Angeles.

We helped build a program with David August to help  rehabilitated men coming out of the L.A. Mission and New York Rescue Mission get a head start on a new life.  David August clients donate their gently worn business attire to 1700 graduates of the Missions’ rehabilitation program.  Being able to dress in some of the world’s finest men’s clothing gives them the personal power and confidence they need to go on interviews and rejoin the workforce; allowing many to break a cycle that has kept them on the streets.

To promote the program and inspire DA clients to participate, we created materials that were included with every new custom garment that was delivered.  Clients received a tax deduction for their donations.

“The Los Angeles Mission is so excited to partner with David August and the ‘Suited for The Mission’ campaign,” said Ivan Klassen, Director of Community Partnerships at Los Angeles Mission. “It is our goal at the L.A. Mission to truly deliver holistic change and these suits are one of the transforming pieces of the puzzle that is their newly changed life.”

“Having a suit that fits and looks sharp can help determine the success of our graduates,” stated Joe Little, NYC Rescue Mission Public Relations Manager. “We are so grateful to David August and HEILBrice for the role they are playing in getting these men back to their families and into a job.”



  • Branding Strategy & Brand Development
  • Creative Asset Development
  • E-commerce Enabled Web Design; UX-UI and Front End
  • On-Going Social Media Management
  • Promotional Development and Management


David August has experienced phenomenal business growth and expansion. In terms of marketing measurement, let's look at one metric: Social growth. In just two years, DA has seen amazing increases in followers, impressions and engagement.

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